Tree plantation ( Day one – 16 May 2010)


The Painted Storks Nature Club got together for nature watch and tree plantation in May 2010 as part of the Summer Children’s Bonanza. The initial meets were held on 16, 19 & 21 May 2010.

Our children of the Painted Storks Nature Club wanted to plant trees in the Sarvatra Bird Sanctuary. But it is not possible (or realistic to expect) for the children to comeĀ  and water the plants since the sanctuary extends over many acres, has lonely corners, and very little access to water. So we decided to plant in close vicinity of the Middle Lake Garden which is frequented by the children, where water is nearby and where the gardeners can help water these plants.

The temple at the Middle Lake where the tree planting was done - a sunset view.

The Lake Garden provided little scope for useful addition, so we decided to plant some trees and bushes around the CME Lake Mandir. The Khandoba temple only has a Tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum var krishna) in front and a Tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica) provides shade to the temple. Since the temple is just a hundred meters from the garden and is on the lakeshore itself, it was a very convenient place to plant shrubs (bushes) and trees.

We chose our plants carefully. Since we were planting around the mandir (temple), the emphasis was given to shrubs with bright flowers or having perfumed flowers. We tried to choose those which are commonly used for worship in Maharashtra. We also decided to plant three small-statured trees which would highlight the mandir’s background. We chose well-developed saplings for plantation which were sturdy enough to survive (unintentional) neglect and which already had some flowers so as to enthuse the children and give them a foretaste of how the garden would look. It was more expensive but worth it.

Shaila and Rucha plant a shrub. Ritu looks on.

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis being planted by Shraddha & Aditya.

Bhavesh & Aditya plant the Lagerstroemia.

Vineet & Tejas plant a shrub near the temple.

Suman & Shaurya plant a shrub.

Mrunal & Sanjna plant the Parijaat.

Harpreet and Suman plant the Sonchafa (Michelia champaca)

The Painted Storks planted the following shrubs on the side of the temple :

* “Juhi” (Jasminum auriculatum)
* “Mogra” or “Madanbaan” (Jasminum sambac)
* “Tagar” or Crepe Jasmine (Tabernaemontana coronaria)
* “Anant” (Gardenia jasminoides)
* Red Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

Behind the temple we planted three saplings of small trees having beautiful flowers :
* “Parijaat” (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis).
* “Savni” or Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica).
* “Sonchafa” or “Champak” (Michelia champaca).

Mrunal attaches an Aluminium label to a Neem tree.

An Aluminium label adorns the Hibiscus - made by the children.

The attendance list that day –

  • GIRLS – Manek, Sanjna, Suman, Ritu, Harpreet, Rucha, Shraddha, Krittika, Kshitija, Shaila, Mrunal & Mrudul.
  • BOYS – Vineet, Tejas, Aditya, Shaurya, Jayant, Bhavesh.


The first meeting – CME Lake 23 March 2010


We met at the CME Upper Lake on 23rd March 2010

  • Sahaj Mathur
  • Ishan Chandna
  • Guneet Talwar
  • Nimrat Singh
  • Mehar Singh
  • Malay Singh
  • Tarishi Singh
  • Nandita Karunakaran
  • Shraddha
  • Snigdha
  • Revika Sagar
  • Sagar
  • Ruhul Khan
  • Alan Varughese
  • Ann Varughese
  • Devyani Maskeri
  • Dhruv
  • Arjun Bajpai

Some of the elders present were :

  • Mhaskeri uncle
  • Aneela Bajpai didi
  • Amod Chandna Uncle
  • Abhinav Chawla Uncle
  • some other Mommies and Daddies


  • Ashwin Baindur Uncle ( our nature guide)

We went around the CME Demolition ground and to the Upper Lake.

We saw many things and also formed the Painted Storks Nature Club.